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Change Catalyst

A Guide To Leading Your Team Through Change

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Change Catalyst:
Women Leading with Resilience 

This micro course empowers women leaders to navigate uncertainty, overcome challenges, foster emotional well-being, and drive positive change. Become a change catalyst and lead with resilience.


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I'm Audrey Johnson

Hi there! I’m Audrey – and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve been where you are. Life was good – everything firing pretty nicely – work, relationships, finances, all fine, yet something left me feeling a little hollow. There was this reoccurring feeling that I needed to reconcile, knowing I wanted more, with figuring out what that was, and then determining how to turn that into a reality. Sound familiar? There are so many of us who have overcome our history and exceeded our own expectations, and to the outside world, we are successful – but internally, it feels like the momentum has virtually stopped. So, now what?

Well, if you’re still reading, that means it’s your turn! You are feeling the pull to make a change. You can feel that there is more for you to do, and now is the time! Stop hiding behind your limitless potential. Step out of your own way and into your authentic self so that you can make an even bigger impact in the world, living the life you imagine and deserve unabashedly out loud!

Let’s get started, and watch the momentum of change start to reveal itself in myriad ways. Your expedition to self will serve as a journey to recalibrate your mind, body, and soul. This transformational change will shift how you take actionable steps and how you view courage, peace, goals, values, and balance while fulfilling your purpose!

Here's what clients have to say about Audrey...

"Working with Audrey has been incredible!"

- Melanie B.

"Thanks to Audrey's ability to cut through the noise, I could focus on the core issue and get back my confidence."

- Janet H.

Upcoming Courses

Leading Your Team Beyond Boundaries

Develop resilience and empower guiding your team to thrive in uncertain environments.

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Leading with Confidence Through Uncertain Times

Navigate uncertainty with confidence and inspire their teams to thrive.

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Leading for Long-Term Success: Sustaining Momentum in Uncertain Times

Help women leaders sustain momentum and achieve long-term success in uncertain times. 

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